John’s been hard at work on issues that matter to your community. See how John’s work and his future plans will improve River Heights in ways that matter to you!

The City of Winnipeg’s infrastructure deficit continues to grow each year but John Orlikow’s experience and skills have resulted in additional streets and backlanes repair each year, obtaining significant funds to improve Academy Road streetscape walk-ability and symbolism of the neighbourhood’s love of trees and history and getting the Waverley Underpass done.

John has more work to do but pledges to continue to be an effective voice for infrastructure repairs for our community.

Since elected in 2009, John has worked hard on projects that improve infrastructure in the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward, including:

– Getting more streets and back lanes repaired each year

–  Securing $500,000 for Academy Road streetscaping

–  Making the Waverley Underpass a City Council priority


Streets and Back Lanes 

Since 2010, John has made sure that the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward has experienced a constant increase in street and back lane repairs and reconstruction each year. If re-elected, he will make sure that more funding will be used to fix our streets and back lanes.


Academy Road Streetscaping

John has secured $500,000 for streetscaping Academy Road from Academy Road to Oak Street.

The goal is to enhance the neighbourhood by creating a walk-able street to shop, meet friends and that reflects the neighbourhood’s pride.

Components of the project are:

  • New major entry signs to note the neighborhood
  • Pocket parks with seating
  • New sidewalks with accessibility features
  • Four Tree Vaults – a new design the City is testing to bring back trees to Academy Road
  • Historic markers – telling of our community history
  • Refurbished banner poles


Waverley Underpass

John Orlikow will continue to find ways to ensure traffic moves around neighbourhoods and not through them.

In his time as your City Councillor, he has been the leading voice for the Waverley Underpass. His advocacy, his 1,600 signature petition supporting the Waverley Underpass and working effectively with other levels of government resulted in the Waverley Underpass been included as a priority project for funding.

The design and consultations related to the Waverley Underpass have begun and are expected to be completed in the late Fall of 2014. If re-elected, John is committed to getting the Waverley Underpass built.

There is increasing traffic commuting to and from downtown as well as the South West from the suburbs.

Kenaston Blvd. and Pembina Hwy. need to be widened to improve traffic flow for a majority of traffic using regional routes that are designed to take the majority of the existing and future commuter traffic.

The Pembina Underpass widening is in the design stage while the Kenaston Blvd widening remains a priority for the City.  The City is unable to proceed widening Kenaston Blvd until the land dispute related to the Kapyong Barracks is resolved.

Waverley Street is not a regional street and will not become one.

The Waverley Underpass is required due to disruption to neighbourhood traffic caused by the failure of the intersection due to the increasing length and number of trains blocking traffic.

John Orlikow tireless work to make sure this project is on the City’s list of infrastructure projects was successful and he is the only candidate for our Ward who has the experience and skill to work with all levels of government to make this project a reality.

Improving our shared green spaces is a priority for John. As a father he understands the importance the environment and the investments we must make to keep our communities strong today and tomorrow.

Since elected in 2009, John has worked hard on priorities that improve infrastructure in the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward including:

– Establishing a $1 Million community access green space enhancement fund

– Replacing and upgrading over 15 play structures

– Upgrading existing park spaces and fields

– Partnering with schools, neighbourhoods and sports groups to enhance green spaces in the area.

– Protecting our urban canopy including replacement of infected Chokecherry and Elm trees and protecting existing trees from development.


The opportunity you have given me to be your voice at City Hall is something I am very grateful for. Allowing me to work for you, your family and your neighbours in the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward is a job that I love and take great pride in.

Since first being elected, I have continued to ask the important questions of Council, continued to focus on building on the uniqueness of our neighbourhoods and remained the strong, independent and effective voice you deserve in civic government.

Since I was first elected in 2009, I have worked hard on priorities that improve the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward, including:

–        ƒ Getting more streets and back lanes repaired each year

ƒ-        ƒ Building 15 new and upgraded play structures and improving green spaces throughout our community

–         ƒMaking the Waverley Underpass a Council priority

–        ƒ Assisting the Rady JCC to establish a non-profit daycare at the Grosvenor Fire Hall

–        ƒ Securing $500,000 for Academy Road streetscaping

–         Establishing a $1 Million community green space enhancement fund

I will continue to make sure that the River Heights/ Fort Garry Ward is an even better place for families to live. I pledge to:

–          Secure more funding to fix our streets and back lanes

–          Get the Waverley Underpass built so traffic moves around neighbourhoods

–          Protect and enhance our green spaces and urban forest

–          Strengthen our community centres

–          Building a new twin arena in the Ward

–          Fight for a more open, ethical and accountable City Hall that you can be proud of

I have worked hard to give families in River Heights/Fort Garry Ward the strong, experienced and independent voice it deserves. I have fought to clean up and restore the public’s trust in their City’s government. I remain committed to using my experience and skills to ensure City Hall works for you.



John Orlikow

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