About John

My wife Silvia and I live in the ward with our two daughters. The memories of our neighbourhood is a primary reason for why I wanted to raise my family in River Heights/Ft. Garry. Many of the close friends that I first met in community activities such as youth soccer and outdoor hockey at the Crescentwood Community Centre, speed skating at the River Heights Community Centre, as well as attending Queenston Elementary, River Heights Junior High, and Kelvin High Schools.

Public life and community service have always been a part of the Orlikow family. I was largely introduced to public life by my father, Lionel Orlikow, who was a social activist, Deputy Minister of Education, cross-country coach and a role model for what our social responsibility to each other should be. My uncle, David Orlikow, was a Member of Parliament for many years for the riding of Winnipeg North and our family grew up understanding the importance of community, giving back and social responsibility.

Prior to becoming a City Councillor I was a member of numerous Community Boards, and I have spent 10 years as a School Trustee with the Winnipeg School Division.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have started and managed companies in recycling and in conflict resolution, where I learned how to effectively manage people and objectives to achieve sustainable results for our community.

As an athlete, I have represented Manitoba in cycling, rowing, and speed skating at four different Canada Games and at junior National level competitions and learned about the hard work needed to win.

I have been the City Councillor for the River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward for five years. I have continued to ask questions, focus on building on the individual uniqueness of individual neighbourhoods and remaining a strong independent voice for the Ward. In my time as your councillor, I have continued to stand up for this community and what it important to you and your families.

John Orlikow

John Orlikow

City Councillor, River Heights