204-479-5646 reelect@orlikow.ca

Hello, Neighbour.

Winnipeg is growing and I’ve made sure that this growth benefits our neighbourhood.

I am proud to work for you and deliver record investments to fix our streets, protect our tree canopy and improve safety.

There is more to do and I look forward to the opportunity to keep this momentum going with your support to re-elect me as your city councillor on Oct. 24.

If you have any questions, contact me at 204-479-5646 or reelect@orlikow.ca.


John Orlikow

Get Involved

There’s a lot to do before Election Day on October 24, 2018. If you want to get involved we would love your help. Just send us an email using the form below and let us know how you would like to help. Whether you want to make phone calls, join a door canvas, put up signs, help around the office, or be an Election Day volunteer, any time you can spare is appreciated.